About Us
Welcome to the launching of the long awaited Paradise Airbrush website (long awaited for us anyway).  This is an ongoing and ever evolving website so please keep checking back as we will keep adding to it.

Paradise Airbrush was started in 1994 in Wildwood New Jersey on the boardwalk, where a group of talented artists came together to create what turned out to be one of the best if not the best airbrush shop the boardwalk had to offer.  With top quality work, very low prices and an honest approach to the airbrush biz, Paradise Airbrush became the hot spot in Wildwood for a period of 10 years.  Over the last four to five years the artists have moved on, John's in Vegas, Spoony's in South Jersey, Rasta's in transit most of the time and Bob's in Connecticut.  Bob Eglinton has continued to keep Paradise Airbrush going strong through the years.  Summer months in Wildwood and winters in Connecticut Malls all along keeping the same principles that made Paradise Airbrush a success; quality, affordability, and integrity.  

Here is just a little about Bob.  Seeing as the last thing he would want to do is write about himself, I will.  I, being Erin his wife of 20 years.  Bob is a great guy and an extremely talented and humble artist.  He works very hard applying his trade, long hours are spent in front of his easel, 15-16 hours a day sometimes.  During the Christmas months, hours are right through the night on some occasions.  We also have two kids, Zach 18 yrs and Ryan 13 yrs.  They work in the shop also, mostly sales, order taking, inventory or anything else assigned by the boss.

We run a very professional shop because we want to keep our customers coming back.  Airbrushing for Bob is an obsession.  Although some people feel that airbrushing t-shirts is the lowest on the totem pole, Bob doesn't feel that way.  Being able to not be a "starving artist", Bob feels very fortunate in what he does.  Although t-shirts aren't the only thing we paint, this is where it all began.  

The most important thing for Bob is the integrity of the work.  Nothing goes out of our shop without his 110% approval.  He's very hard to please when it comes to his own work, but that's what makes him and Paradise Airbrush so successful.  Well that's enough about him.

We would like to thank you for visiting our website, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line.

Bob & Erin Eglinton


My Wife Erin, without her support I'd probably still be under some boss's thumb, instead of hers.

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth R.I.P. who gave me the inspiration to look at things just a bit outside.

John O'Leary who gave me my first opportunity to go pro.  "Dude you're color blind?  I just thought you were stupid!"

Mike "Spoony" Iacona for showing me an endo.  (Highlighting the foreground?)

Jimmy "Rasta" Jones for his good nature and humor, cause in Wildwood, humor is the only thing that will get you through.

Union Jack for watching over us.  "nudge nudge wink wink".

Without their help, teaching and friendship Paradise Airbrush would just have been a dream.  

Thanks guys, talk to you later.

Special Thanks:

To all of our customers who have supported us through the years and continue to support us,  A very, very heartfelt thank you.

Special Special Thanks:

To my bro in-law Roger for his expertise on building this website and putting up with my nonsense, although he started this endeavor with a full head of hair he is now balding, locked and loaded and I'm leaving town.  (Just kidding, Bob).